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Million dollar decisions need data

Don’t Buy A Home Without Knowing Your HomeRiskScoreTM

What You're Getting

A comprehensive HomeRiskScoreTM for any home you choose.

Here is an example report:

Foundation Settlement

A comprehensive map of the foundation settlement risk nearby

Groundwater and Drainage

A comprehensive map of the groundwater and drainage risks nearby

Horizontal Cracking

A comprehensive map of the average horizontal cracking nearby

And much more!

How It Works

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We’ll find out if you’re a buyer or an agent for customized features & pricing.

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Upload reports

Homes that are on the market will generally have a sellers home inspection report and this will help start off our process.

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Expert help

Schedule time to review the overall process. We’ll walk you through the overall risks & educate you on the process so future ones are quicker

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Use as needed

Whenever you come across a home you’re interested we can run the report, sometimes a chat with the expert makes sens, sometimes it’s now self-explanatory


Ai Chat

AI Chat

24/7 AI chat support system that is trained on hundreds of thousands data points to ensure the most accurate responses and directing you to our in-house expert educational content to maximize what you can learn on your own (as desired)

data context

Data Based Context

People are often times scared by perfectly normal things - DATA paints the picture. Our data is both regional based since some issues are related to the location, other aspects are related to age and common issues for various ages. This greatly helps with decisions - knowing what is par for the course.


Budgetary Repair Costs

A key missing ingredient from the home inspection reports - we use DATA to provide this


Contractor Referrals

Having resources to actually perform repairs is crucial as well - we excel in this area


Agent/Buyer Communications

Agents can get looped into buyer inquiries to ensure that everyone is kept in the loop. Your consultant can also jump into the chat as needed to make responses as quick as possible.


Comparison Dashboard

A key missing ingredient from the home inspection reports - we use DATA to provide this

Why Clients Love Us

  • Nathan did a foundation inspection for house on the slope in South Bay. He did an outstanding job discovering serious issues that no one noticed before. Worse to mention he never tried to exaggerate the problem, but rather just explain why it happened and what are the options to fix it.
  • They did a great job, provided a detailed report, gave a clear and crisp explanation on how they conduct the inspection, their observations what were the immediate tasks that needs to be carried out and also shared a list of the concerning and less concerning issues during the inspection.
    Senthil K
  • I was especially impressed with the level of detail and the time he spent with me to educate me on work of this nature and related things to be aware of. I also appreciated the guidance and knowledge he shared on this topic and managing a house if this age in general. I definitely recommend their services.
    Cathy Kolumbus
  • We had a great experience. A very knowledgeable certified engineer assessed our problems with foundation and water drainage, and was extremely helpful. Perhaps most importantly, the first thing he asked was about our primary concern to be addressed, and then he provided very thoughtful and practical advice regarding how to address our problems.
    Thomas Quertermous
  • We had an inspection done on a house we are buying on a recommendation from our agent. The inspector was super thorough and had really excellent communication skills. He kept us in the loop with everything and explained all his thoughts and recommendations in a way that was very easy to understand.
    Quinn Perfetto
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